2024: My Beloved Addict is transported to Jylland and shown at Kulturhus Bunkeren and DOKK1 in Aarhus.

2023: The exhibition, My Beloved Addict re-emerged in a compact version for 3 months in a container in Pusher Street, Christiania.

2021 – 2023: My artwork in the form of a painted board with a social/spiritual statement stood in Pusher Street for 2 years.

2021 – 2024: Exhibited portraits of Ukrainian refugees in Nazaret church, Politikens Hus, Bethesda church, Dansk Flygtninge Hjælp (Danish Refugee Aide) HQ, and at Solvang church.

2021: Christiania Portraits exhibited in Gallopperiet’s new loft gallery space in Christiania.

2020: My Beloved Addict exhibited in Galleriprojekt, Stenosgade, Vesterbro and Hørhuset herberg, Amager.

2017-2020: Den Friere; outdoor installation journeying from Oslo Plads 1 – Kongens Nytorv 5 – Istedgade, Christiania, Vesterbro Torv and Halmtorvet in Copenhagen

2019: Cocaine Lover; exhibited outdoors on Oslo Plads 1 and Skt Annægade, Copenhagen.

2018: My Beloved Addict. Gallopperiet, Christiania.

2016: The Missing Dialogue group exhibition, Curator Leah Robb, Gallopperiet, Christiania.

2016: Christiania Portraits. Spainen 19, Aarhus, Denmark

2015: A Dialogue for Peace group exhibition, Curator Leah Robb, Gallopperiet, Christiania.

2015: Christiania Portraits. Filmbyen Aarhus, Denmark

2012: Christiania Portraits. Libraries in Copenhagen

2011: Christiania Portraits. Den Grå Hal, Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark

2009: Christiania Portraits. Gallopperiet, Christiania’s gallery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nFQXyzZa7E

2008 – Christiania Portraits. Det Poetiske Bureau, Griffensfeldsgade, Copenhagen

Leah Robb