Exhibition one day event

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Please come to an one day event showing my latest paintings of Ukrainian refugees at Nazaret church on the 29th Oct from 16:00-18:00.


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Udstillingen fortsætter!

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Udstillingen, My Beloved Addict/Min ELskede Narkoman fortsætter frem til d.28. nov. Udstillingen, som inkluderer værker af tidliger misbruger; Dennis Engel har fået meget fin respons fra gæsterne. Gå ikke glip af den.

Del gerne.

My Beloved Addict/Min ELskede Narkoman

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Læs en artikel om min nuværende udstilling her:

My Beloved Addict/Min Elskede Narkoman

Gratis tilbud til skoler og institutioner.

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My Beloved Addict – exhibition

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Kontakt leah@robb.dk eller artylrobb@yahoo.com , 50233126 hvis du vil høre om arrangementer forbundet med udstillingen.

Kunst i Aktion/Art in Action

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Jeg har været så heldig at have fået tildelt en sum penge fra kulturministeriet for at lave en sommer activitet som kompensation for tabt arbejde pga corona virussen. Derfor tilbyder jeg Kunst i Aktion i Amager Strandpark ved siden af bunker 5.


I have been so fortunate to have been awared a sum of money from the ministry of culture to create an activity this summer as compensation for lost opportunities due to the corona virus. I am offering Art in Action in Amager Beach park near bunker 5!


Følg linket for tilmelding/Follow the link to join:



Police recover painting!

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Translation to English below:

Link til dansk nyheds artikel:

“Just before New Year, a painting by artist Leah Robb was stolen from an outdoor installation at Christiania’s entrance. But then the police called this week with some good news.
It had been a sad Leah Robb who contacted us in late January and explained that her very distinctive painting, which stood in an outdoor installation at the entrance to Christiania, had been stolen.
We wrote about the vanished painting in last week’s newspaper and the police were already on the case.
At the start of this week, the case took a new and happy turn.
“The police called me and said that the work had been found and I could pick it up from them. So I did so this morning,” says Leah Robb.
She had heard via Facebook that an certain person had been seen with the painting under his arm in Christianshavn, and she gave the information to the police.
She feared that the thief might have sold the painting on.
“But he didn’t. The police found it in his home, and apparently he was absolutely crazy about it. Somehow it is a compliment when someone steals your art. But you shouldn’t steal, and he’ll probably get a fine,” Leah Robb says.
She is now considering whether to keep the painting, which has been through so much, at home with herself. For the time being, another of her paintings has taken its place in the installation at Christiania’s entrance.

Written by Hanne Bjørton

Stjålet maleri/Painting stolen!

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Invitation til Den Friere copy

My Beloved Addict – a new documentary available now

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My Beloved Addict is a documentary film about my exhibition on addiction and its impact on everyone around it. Dirk Coutuer of Belgium came to Denmark to see my exhibition and make the film. I am grateful.

My Beloved Addict


Printing Title

If this film moves you and you know of a place that this exibition or film could be shown, please do get in touch.

Leah Robb