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Police recover painting!

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Translation to English below:

Link til dansk nyheds artikel:

“Just before New Year, a painting by artist Leah Robb was stolen from an outdoor installation at Christiania’s entrance. But then the police called this week with some good news.
It had been a sad Leah Robb who contacted us in late January and explained that her very distinctive painting, which stood in an outdoor installation at the entrance to Christiania, had been stolen.
We wrote about the vanished painting in last week’s newspaper and the police were already on the case.
At the start of this week, the case took a new and happy turn.
“The police called me and said that the work had been found and I could pick it up from them. So I did so this morning,” says Leah Robb.
She had heard via Facebook that an certain person had been seen with the painting under his arm in Christianshavn, and she gave the information to the police.
She feared that the thief might have sold the painting on.
“But he didn’t. The police found it in his home, and apparently he was absolutely crazy about it. Somehow it is a compliment when someone steals your art. But you shouldn’t steal, and he’ll probably get a fine,” Leah Robb says.
She is now considering whether to keep the painting, which has been through so much, at home with herself. For the time being, another of her paintings has taken its place in the installation at Christiania’s entrance.

Written by Hanne Bjørton

Stjålet maleri/Painting stolen!

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New and improved Triangle Theory book available through Blurb!

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I am excited to announce that I have updated my Triangle Theory book and it is now available through Blurb. There are some pages for preview.



Art Auction

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Please visit this link to follow the build up to my Art Auction, which will be held in Edinburgh, with some choice works available on-line.




Auction of Art coming soon!

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Hello! I just thought I’d let you know that I’m in the process of organising an on-line and physical auction to take place some time in November. I have much art from 10 years ago as well as from my youth that I thought could be interesting to make available for purchase. I will keep you informed!

In The Red Corner

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In the Red Corner

“An aspiring young artist (with mask) stood outside KE – the Artist’s Autumn Exhibition held at Den Frie 1) during the Opening and painted a picture. The Scottish/Danish multi-artist explains why.”

Hekla Hekla 2)


On the 11th September I remember back to last year when I submitted five biographical portraits to KE. Everything I submitted was rejected without the possibility of feedback. I greatly regretted that I had given my confidence and my precious money to a ‘blind’ jury panel. I was angry and deeply disappointed. In 2013-14, I spent over 200 hours painting the best and most challenging portrait I might ever paint. The portrait is of a previously rejected Danish artist, now very well known and with increasing respect from the art scene. The painting alludes to many of his quirky ideas and character traits carried down to the smallest detail, as also he did it. His mischief and stubbornness were caught in his gaze. The painting’s reverse was also used as a canvas, because it was in his spirit to do something like that. It’s the kind of portrait you cannot paint unless you have love, understanding and a great enthusiasm for the subject. I could not resist the temptation to try one last time; to enter KE on the basis of this work.


It is the 18th Sep – Scotland’s Referendum on independence, and I’m sitting in Edinburgh well aware that the whole world is watching us to see what the next hours will mean for Britain’s future. It is also the day I hear KE’s verdict on my work. I log on to their website with butterflies in my stomach. But that which meets my gaze is yet another sorry, faceless, hostile red dot! Not a single judge recognizes my work. I am curiously empty of real anger, because now that my back is against the wall I’m ready to fight my corner. I will not accept the outcome this year. My brain is churning with ideas on how I can turn the disappointment into a new and suitably creative response – and proof that traditional painters can of course handle a more spontaneous, modern expression if necessary.


Today, the 24th September a family member in Denmark refers me to an article journalist Nils Thorsen 3) has written, about rejection. It inspires me further to implement my idea. I will confront KE as anonymously as my own rejection was, and I therefore make a plaster mask.


Maskemaleren ProtestmaleriFrellokollage

Clockwise from top: Protest painter outside Den Frie, The Frelloist details, Painted letter done outside Den Frie.

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Christiania Portraits to hang in Århus Filmbyen (Film Town)

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This painting and 17 other portraits of people from Christiania will soon hang on the walls of Århus’ film town. Watch this wall space!



The Art of Collaboration

The Art of Collaboration




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The very new improved website is on-line!

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Dear visitors to this refurbished website. Feel free to browse!

Hope you like it.

Best regards