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Article in Amagerbladet about my Revolution painting

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This article relates to my painting about the USA presidential election with The Wall Street Bull placed symbolically in the centre. Bernie Sanders is trying to bring the symbol of power and wealth under control, while Trump is kissing it with fire protruding from his pants – a reference to his many lies. The painting can be seen in Christiania’s art gallery – Gallopperiet until the 26th March when all artworks are to be taken down.

Editorial mistake; the author of the article has been accredited as the artist by the editor, but the author has accredited me with the art in the article. A bit confusing but perhaps this increases curiosity ūüėČ



Here is an overview of many of the people connected to the Revolution movement. See names on link below.




Link to names:

Supporters of Bernie



Den Friere/The More Independent opens!

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Welcome to Den Friere/The ‘more’ Independent!


Since my Otto Frello portrait was rejected by Den Frie/The Independent, I’ve started creating my own Happenings outside.

First I stood in the central reservation and painted a ‘letter’. (Read about it under the title In the Red Corner/I det R√łde Hj√łrne)


The following year I brought a big board and made a protest where I quoted people who criticised the exhibition for being lacklustre.


DSCN3959web DSCN3798

This year I opened Den Friere, which both means The Freer or More Independent because I really think there is something awry

with the snobbery of the elite art world.


Here is a sign showing the way to Den Friere/The more Independent exhibition. One thing that makes it very free is that I sought

permission from the council – which is free – and they don’t censor the content ūüôā


Two folks I know from Christiania’s Uncensored February exhibition came along and joined in my exhibition opening. I felt it was

appropriate with a rebel fist for the occasion ūüėČ


To the right is my friend and accomplice, who helped me set up the outdoor exhibition.


Meagre beginnings, but definitely not meaningless. Due to the weather and difficulty transporting the original painting, I had to make

do with a frame high quality copy. The original is a good bit larger.


At the end of the evening, one of the artists I had met last year turned up for some mulled wine. Between last year and this year, I

invited him to take part in an exhibition called The Missing Dialogue, which ran in Gallopperiet, Christiania in July ’16.

To the right of me there is a postbox people could put their contact details in if they wanted to hear more.

Interestingly enough, I got a lot of positive response for the Happening this year. More so than last year. As has been the case every year,

I¬† got a visit from some of the ‘insiders’ but they were friendly and listened to what I had to say. Maybe they even agreed…

Roll on next year for the next ‘exhibition’/happening ūüôā

I’m free!


Candidate Commentary on Cards

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You may find these drawing interesting. The Trump and Sanders pictures are postcard size and are in a postcard exhibition somewhere in Hungary as far as I know.


Revolution Ripples














Illegal Anatomical Migration


This Hillary Clinton image came to me as I was listening to the news. I dropped what I was doing an made this picture. It is half photoshop and half drawing. I hope you like it. And I hope Bernie and not the other two will still somehow make it to the White House. We will see.


Hillarys 1st 100 days

The Revolution painting video

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Dear everyone,

I made a short movie about my Revolution painting. If you’d like to see it, click on this link and it should take you there.

The painting is currently with me in the US and I may well start making prints of it, so let me know if you would be interested in one by responding to this message below.


US 2016 – The Revolution has begun

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In around February I came across Bernie Sanders. I became addicted to hearing what he said – not all of it, but most of it. I love his bravery to confront the most powerful people and corporations in America. It has been an incredible listen, and I have seen how his fire has spread across the states as he defies expectations and the media, by growing is popularity and influence at the grassroots level.



US 2016

US 2016

I knew I needed to turn all the time used on viewing youtube clips to something creative. This painting is the result of this inspiration. I had not foreseen how it would have turned out. But once I found the Wall Street Bull which is situated near New York’s Stock Exchange, I built up the narrative around an enlarged version of it.


Another interesting sidenote is, that this painting has been painted on a canvas I inherited from the Frello. It was almost destined to turn out Frelloist-like.



US 2016 Detail 7

US 2016 Detail 7


The people in the crowd are a mixture of Bernie fans, celebrities and politicians – even a banker, who support Bernie.


US 2016 Detail 5

US 2016 Detail 5


It has been interesting studying the election process and how much corruption is reported and how little it seems to affect results. It is mind boggling to consider how hard it is for an outside contender like Bernie Sanders to actually get the nomination in spite of the huge crowds he seems to be drawing.



I hope this painting will solidify what he has done. Even if he doesn’t get te nomination, he has changed the political landscape forever.

Free Cultural Spaces, Art and a birthday in Christiania

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I was involved in an event called Symposium for Free Cultural Spaces, which was held in Christiania this year. I brought the paintings I had painted in front of the parliament in Copenhagen to the venue and added an installation made from empty tea light holders. They have been sewn together and painted in hope’s rainbow of colour.



The Sun...

The Sun…

...and The Wind

…and The Wind

The Suffering Refugee...

The Suffering Refugee…

...and the Burden to society

…and the Burden to society


"Hjerterum" at night

“Hjerterum” at night


A Dialogue for Peace – 4th – 26th April in Christiania, Gallopperiet, Denmark

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There  are five days left to see an exhibition I have curated called A Dialogue for Peace. It has been an eventful couple of weeks with input from various artists all dealing with the subject of peace. Within this theme come knowledge and understanding, justice and love.


This painting was painted outside the Danish parliament. It is based on the story of the sun and the wind who compete to get a man to take his cloak off.¬†¬† My reason for painting this was that I had concerns about the repercussions of the shootings in Copenhagen on Valentine’s day this year. I wanted to create an artwork that encouraged dialogue and peace, not more aggression towards a group of people living in Denmark who are constantly associated with the acts of the few. Here I am with a group of Somalian refugees who were protesting outside the parliemant 24th March 2015 because their cases were taking too long to processed. There were about 100 demonstrators and I don’t believe any politicians came out to speak to them.


Midview and mask - a nod to my protest outside Den Frie

Midview and mask – a nod to my protest outside Den Frie


Leah with Somalian refugees outside the Danish parliament

Leah with Somalian refugees outside the Danish parliament

Leah with Somalian refugees outside the Danish parliament

Leah with Somalian refugees outside the Danish parliament



Sun and the wind painting hung at Gallopperiet, Christiania, Denmark

Sun and the wind painting hung at Gallopperiet, Christiania, Denmark




After meeting the refugees I decided to make a tribute installation describing their situation. There is a portrait of one of the demonstrators and other objects that are thrown in a pile. These objects could be useful, but don’t look it. There is also a ladder that is rotten and going nowhere special – the ceiling is low.

Installation representing the refugees' experience in Denmark

Installation representing the refugees’ experience in Denmark

A refugee painted on a chair seat in a pile of refuse

By Leah Robb – A refugee painted on a chair seat in a pile of refuse

































I was inspired by an artist called Michael Landy who made paper cutout people and had them all over the floor. They were ready for the People Shredder. This installation is one of the most powerful works I’ve ever seen. Anyway, I decided to borrow his idea, but make more obvious differences to the people on the floor. Some people made a point of not standing on anyone, while others just walked right through not looking down.

People, by Leah Robb

People, by Leah Robb




This piece called Propaganda is about the way news has removed itself from serious journalism to ill-informed or outright deliberate misrepresentations of truth for the sake of selling the news. If you can see through the web of propaganda, you may see the truth.

Propaganda, by Leah Robb and Sandra Andersen

Propaganda, by Leah Robb and Sandra Andersen

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The Demonstration

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Yesterday¬†I fell upon another demonstration for ‘Peace¬†in Gaza’. First I just listened. Then a thank you rang out to all the artists who had agreed to take part and I thought, “what am I doing? Get to work!” Below you can see¬†my¬†artist’s impression.


There was¬†more than one politician or speaker who dared bring a more balanced view on the situation, which I¬†was glad of. Nothing causes more hate than a one-sided campaign. But yes, Israel needs their Western support cut. To think the descendants¬†of the holocaust survivors are just¬†inflicting a similar¬†oppression to what their forefathers suffered,¬†onto another people group. It’s crazy.


Anyway, as mentioned before, there were artists to thank – all musicians I believe. I happen to get the opportunity to personally thank the lead singer of the band that was, for me, the highlight of the musical repertoire, Savage Rose! I couldn’t believe that singer’s voice! The fact that she is in her mid sixties has only added to the uniqueness of it! I am a new fan! Check them out!


Demonstration for Peace

Demonstration for Peace


Leah Robb