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Police recover painting!

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Translation to English below:

Link til dansk nyheds artikel:

“Just before New Year, a painting by artist Leah Robb was stolen from an outdoor installation at Christiania’s entrance. But then the police called this week with some good news.
It had been a sad Leah Robb who contacted us in late January and explained that her very distinctive painting, which stood in an outdoor installation at the entrance to Christiania, had been stolen.
We wrote about the vanished painting in last week’s newspaper and the police were already on the case.
At the start of this week, the case took a new and happy turn.
“The police called me and said that the work had been found and I could pick it up from them. So I did so this morning,” says Leah Robb.
She had heard via Facebook that an certain person had been seen with the painting under his arm in Christianshavn, and she gave the information to the police.
She feared that the thief might have sold the painting on.
“But he didn’t. The police found it in his home, and apparently he was absolutely crazy about it. Somehow it is a compliment when someone steals your art. But you shouldn’t steal, and he’ll probably get a fine,” Leah Robb says.
She is now considering whether to keep the painting, which has been through so much, at home with herself. For the time being, another of her paintings has taken its place in the installation at Christiania’s entrance.

Written by Hanne Bjørton

Stjålet maleri/Painting stolen!

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Invitation til Den Friere copy

My Beloved Addict – a new documentary available now

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My Beloved Addict is a documentary film about my exhibition on addiction and its impact on everyone around it. Dirk Coutuer of Belgium came to Denmark to see my exhibition and make the film. I am grateful.

My Beloved Addict


Printing Title

If this film moves you and you know of a place that this exibition or film could be shown, please do get in touch.

Artikel om Udstillingen på Christiania. Article about Exhibition in Christiania

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A local paper covered my exhibition. Here is a link to the article. It is in Danish. See the link below for English translation.


Udstilling om stofmisbrug – set med en pårørendes pensel

Amagerbladet translated to English


Aktuel Udstilling på Stadens Museum for Kunst, Christiania frem til og med 1. dec.

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Flyer eng copy



Four years ago, with a few red dotted rejections from the Artists’ Autumn Exhibition under the belt, I took a mask and threw myself into the central reservation with a – for me – brave protest action. The road then led to Christianshavns Slotsplads, Kongens Nytorv, Istedgade and further into all sorts of art projects, where art has become a mouthpiece with very direct contact between the artist, the work and an audience. The topics included “war and the refugee crisis”,Social care”, and mental illness.

This year, my current exhibition at Gallopperiet, Christiania, focuses on the world of addiction, because, as a friend of a relapsed addict, the subject has impacted me right into the inner chamber of my heart. The feelings are strong, the colours and the expression are sometimes black, but there is a glimpse of hope to be found in the midst of the darkness.

Experience an emotional roller coaster through an exhibition ranging from painting, sculpture and concept art to a Dialogue corner, where guests can contribute, and an Interactive labyrinth Installation. The installation was made in collaboration with two artists who are recovering after a long period of drug abuse, which almost sucked them into the abyss. Take the journey with them and me into a world where there is more than ample ‘substance’ for reflection.



Dearest Cocaine/Kæreste Kokain 2018.


forrådt-web copy

Gallopperiet 2018.


Kokain kæreste/Dearest Cocaine. Plaster of paris, expanding foam and clothes. 2018



Seperation/Adskillelsen 2018 (Foto: Mathias Vejerslev)



Labyrinth/Labyrint – Interaktiv Installation 2018  (Foto: Mathias Vejerslev)



Det Indre Skrig The Inner Scream Oil on Canvas 2017

De Indre Skrig/The Inner Screams. 2017




DSCN6915 best

Døden/The Grim Reaper. 2018



Ukendt/The Unknown Oil on canvasbr> 2018

Ukendt/The Unknown, 2018




Opløsning/Dissolution, 2018.



Flugtvejen/Escape Route, olie på lærred, 2018



Giv Slip/Let Go. Interaktiv værk



Bønner i Uroen, interaktiv kunstværk, cykelrester/Wish upon a Bean. Interactive artwork. Bike parts. 2018


For fire år siden, med et par røde prikkede afslag fra Kunstnernes Efterårs Udstilling under bæltet, tog jeg maske på og kastede mig ud i midterrabatten, med en – for mig – modig protestaktion. Vejen førte derefter til Christianshavns Slotsplads, Kongens Nytorv, Istedgade og videre ud i alle mulige kunstprojekter, hvor kunsten er blevet til et talerør med meget direkte kontakt mellem kunstner, værket og et publikum. Emnerne inkluderede krig og ‘flygtninge krisen’, næstekærlighed og psykiske lidelser.


I år har min aktuelle udstilling på Gallopperiet, Christiania, fokus på stoffernes verden, fordi, som pårørende til en tilbagefalden misbruger har emnet rørt mig helt ind i mit hjertes indre kammer. Følelserne er stærke, farverne og udtrykket er til tider sorte, men der er et glimt af håb at finde midt i mørkets hvirvl. 


Oplev en følelsesmæssig rutschebane igennem en udstilling, der spænder fra maleri, skulptur og konceptkunst, til en Dialogkrog, hvor gæster kan give bidrage, og en Interaktiv Installation. Installationen er lavet i samarbejde med to kunstnere, der er i bedring efter et langt misbrugsforløb, der næsten førte dem i afgrunden. Tag rejsen med dem, og mig ind i en verden, hvor der er mere end rigeligt ‘stof’ til eftertanke.


Har du spørgsmål, kan du ringe på 50233126.

Eller maile mig på

Link til udstillingens facebook side:

Bemærk at udstillingen er blevet forlænget til og med d. 1. dec.


Leah Robb


Plakat til kommende Udstilling/Poster for coming exhibition

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Plakat 1 copy


Plakaten vil være til salg på Gallopperiet.

The poster will be available at Gallopperiet.

Invitations in English and Danish to up-coming November exhibition.

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20171215_140050 copy

Events under udstillingsforløbet ses her:

Flyer bagside


English version

Flyer eng copy


Feel free to print these out and share.




Cocaine as lover

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This sculpture deals with love and betrayal.



It had been a long time since I’d worked with plaster, so I am in the process of remembering…


Model and form are one. The left arm has been left for later as there is a plan for this one that would make it too vulnerable to do now.



I’m using jute to strengthen the plaster.



Next morning she was ready to be strengthened. I turned her over and put more plaster and jute in the back of the mould because I will not be making a cast from it.



Yet another head bits the plaster. This time I wanted an outstretched neck. All will become clear…

Creative Process: Mould-making, casting and a melt-down.

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My up-coming exhibition deals with addiction and its effects on the addict and their close friends and family.

It is a tough subject and pretty painful. This artwork is proceeding slowly, but surely.

I won’t say too much but just let you have a look behind the studio doors.



Making the mould. I like to leave the mouth and eyes till last so the model doesn’t feel too claustrophobic too soon.



First time to make the plaster cast of the head. There is a split in the back of the head so that it will be possible to pull the cast off.



Apparently the caption should be, “I think, therefore I am”. The plaster head once finished.


20180803_101158 m kuppel

This is kind of what I’m aiming at. I am just struggling to find these plastic spheres, so this is a photoshopped one. I found a supplier in the States, where I could get 4 spheres for $70. But to have them shipped by UPS would have cost $218! What??? So, that was cancelled!



OK. How do I get this out again? I had to make some experiments as to what barrier substance could cope with going in the oven. Vaseline could, but there were places where I hadn’t made enough of a barrier and I was about to get into a panic. But sawing open the mould helped 🙂



The moment when the luminous, translucent head had hatched! I had to form the ears by hand afterwards.



Hard to believe that cast could fit into that mould! The idea with the translucent head is that I want to put light inside to give the impression that there is internal activity that the outside world is not able to participate in. That is what drugs create – an affair with another reality.



Here is the translucent cast from the plaster mould. The ear has now been formed.



I had a meltdown – literally. Once I’d modelled the ears I put the head back in the oven on its side. But I hadn’t accounted for that Cerenit softens when hot and the head couldn’t keep its form, and broke into about 6 pieces! I tried to keep my composure, and with a bit of super glue, pieced it together bit by bit. A friend suggested a hair-dryer. But I realised the same thing could happen here, so I stuffed a blanket inside the head to keep its form. The ears are now sufficiently hardened and the head is whole again.