Triangle Theory gets thumbs up!

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I have recently heard back from someone who bought my Triangle Theory book in Copenhagen.


He wrote the following:


“I was instantly taken with yours ideas as soon as I read your book. I so much agree that art criticism today is often baseless and seem to have no foundation to the arguments. Your triangle theory starts to address this in a really tangible and accessible way. My interest is as an enthusiast photographer and I have discussed the theory with several of my photographic friends. They are equally excited and your three dimensions have entered into our language. We have even now started to talk about our images in terms of the size and shape of the triangle. Do you think your theory applies just to ‘art’ images, or can it be applied equally to other (photographic) genres, eg sport, macro, wildlife, photojournalism, etc. I suspect it can.”


I am very encouraged!   You can read some of the book free on this website under The Triangle Theory.


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